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July 23, 2014

10 Hallmarks of Benedictine Education (Part 1)

At Saint Vincent Archabbey many of our monks are involved in our College Apostolate. Some serve as Professors in departments such as Theology, Philosophy, Mathematics, English, Science or Business, while others work in the Library or Campus Ministry. Needless to say, our Benedictine Heritage influences the way that we educate our students as a WHOLE human person, Body, Mind, and Soul.

Thus, this series of posts will focus on the 10 Hallmarks of a Benedictine Education.

1. Love of Christ and neighbor

Love is at the heart of Benedictine monastic life. The life of the monastic, like that of all Christians, is first and foremost a response to God's astonishing love for humankind, a love expressed in the free gift of his beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Benedict uses Jesus' own words which come from the heart of the Hebrew scriptures to urge monastics to ground their lives in a whole-hearted response to that love and to share it freely with others (RB 4.1-2). 

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July 16, 2014

Benedictine Education

Education within the Benedictine Tradition

The origin of monastic schools can be traced to the beginnings of Benedictine life in the sixth century. Monasteries from their founding became places of reading, study and learning because it was imperative for monastics to be educated to read the psalms and practice lectio divina . Over time, and long before universities or colleges in our sense of the term had arisen, monasteries became places of learning for people who came to learn alongside the monastics. Hospitality simply would not allow these people to be turned away and great life was found in this broader monastic and lay engagement in education.

Through many centuries, monasteries have cultivated arts and letters. They have stewarded knowledge of the past in scriptoria and libraries, and they have promoted understandings of the earth and wise use of its resources. This work has engaged the labors of countless individuals and,
taken together, it has been a source of social, economic and cultural grounding for entire civilizations. Benedictine colleges and universities participate in this great saga, seeking to cultivate understanding among their faculty, staff and students of time-honored values that make full, worthwhile human lives possible.

From: http://www.ben.edu/cmi/upload/Education-within-the-Benedictine-Wisdom-Tradition.pdf 

June 10, 2014

Solemn Vow Retreat

In preparation for Solemn Vows, Br. Canice, Br. Joachim, and Fr. Killian made a retreat to St. Emma Monastery (http://www.stemma.org/) for a time of prayer and reflection.  

These Monks will profess Solemn Vows on Friday, July 11, The Feast of our Holy Father, Saint Benedict

Thank you Sisters for your Benedictine Hospitality!

June 3, 2014

Junior Camp comes to Saint Vincent

On June 14 to June 28, over thirty Temporarily Professed Benedictine Junior Monks from across the United States, Mexico and Canada will visit Saint Vincent Archabbey for a special summer Retreat program.  An annual event that occurs at a different monastery each summer, it is the first time Saint Vincent will host the program. 

The primary aims of the Junior Summer School program include:
To provide additional educational experiences not available in most monastic formation programs.
To provide opportunities to meet temporarily professed monks from other Benedictine houses.
To provide an experience of participation in the life of another Benedictine community.

The theme for this year will be "Building a Dynamic and Joyful Community Spirit" (Unity in the midst of our diversity and diversity in the midst of our unity.)"

To visit the monastery websites of the monks attending the Retreat:
  • St. Bernard Abbey - Cullman, AL 
    • http://www.stbernardabbey.com/
  • St. Andrew Abbey - Cleveland, OH
    • http://standrewabbey.org/
  • Mount Angel Abbey - St. Benedict, OR
    • http://www.mountangelabbey.org/
  • Belmont Abbey - Belmont, NC
    • http://belmontabbey.org/
  • St. Benedict's Abbey - Atchison, KS
    • http://www.kansasmonks.org/
  • St. Meinrad Abbey, St. Meinrad, IN
    • http://www.saintmeinrad.org/
  • St. Peter's Abbey - Saskatchuwhan  
    • http://www.stpetersabbey.ca/
  • New Camaldoli Hermitage - Big Sur, CA
    • http://www.contemplation.com/
  • St. John's Abbey - Collegeville, MN
    • http://www.saintjohnsabbey.org/
  • St. Andrew's Abbey - Valyermo, CA
    • http://www.valyermo.com/
  • Assumption Abbey - Richardton, ND
    • http://www.assumptionabbey.com/
  • St. Mary's Abbey - Delbarton, NJ
    • http://www.saintmarysabbey.org/
  • St. Anselm's Abbey - Washington, DC
    • http://www.stanselms.org/
  • Mount Savior Monastery - Pine City, NJ
    • http://www.msaviour.org/
  • Glastonbury Abbey - Hingham, MA
    • http://www.glastonburyabbey.org/index.php

June 1, 2014

St. Vincent Archabbey Welcomes Generation Life

From June 1 to June 15, Saint Vincent Archabbey will host the Generation Life team for their annual Retreat

Generation Life is a movement of young people committed to building up a Culture of Life by educating their peers on the Pro-Life and Chastity messages and developing new leaders for the Pro-Life movement.  Only by spreading the message of Chastity can abortion be ended at its root cause.  

Generation Life Home Page:

Generation Life Team

Pax et Gaudium

O.S.B. Vocation Awareness

O.S.B. Vocation Awareness